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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

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About Me

I'm Aiyumi, also known as Purin_Chan in some communities. I'm Brazilian, granddaughter of Japanese, visually impaired since some months after birth. I use a (free and open source) screen reader to access the computer. In 2009, I got a technologist degree in System Analysis and Development, at the "Centro Universitário Radial", or rather "Estácio de Sa", that bought and "swallowed" the previous college.

After that, I read/studied about web development using PHP, games and other software development with C/C++ (in college they mostly forced us to learn Dot .Net, which I hated). One of my goals was to try finding/creating techniques to make software (including games) more accessible to the visually impaired. But it seems fate doesn't want me to enter the world of C/C++ games yet. Since 2012, I'm working as a Perl programmer, and my job has nothing to do with games. I still like it, though.

I also took piano lessons for a few years, but after I started working, mine and my teacher's schedules became incompatible and I stopped. I don't play the piano very well yet, but despite having stopped taking classes, I still haven't given up on music. At around 2012, I developed a sudden and unexplainable fascination for the violin, and in March of 2015, I started taking violin lessons.

A few things I like:

  • Anime.
  • Games.
  • fan fiction.
  • Computing and Technology.
  • Free Software (as in "free speech").
  • Game development, preferably using Free Software (see above).
  • Japanese language.
  • Creating sounds.
  • Music (mostly instrumental).
  • Portuguese (my native language).
  • Programming.
  • Translating text and other content.
  • Violin.
  • Websites development.
  • Writting and reading about the subjects above.

I also like watching (or rather listening to) anime and game playthroughs, preferably in Japanese. Although I've never attended a Japanese course, I can talk and understand a little, thanks to my relatives and the anime/games.

I've never left Brazil. One of my dreams is to go to Japan one day.

About This Site

This site is the place where I write about my findings and experiences with computers, games and their accessibility (or lack thereof), along with Japanese and other random things. I'm trying to translate the contents of this site to Japanese, just out of curiousity. You can also read this exact same page in Japanese. If you find any errors (I'm sure there are many of them) and feel like pointing them out, please do. Corrections and suggestions are always welcome.