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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

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  • Youtube: My channel on Youtube
  • GitHub: My code and contributions on GitHub.
  • : Twitter
  • Fanfiction.net: My fan fictions (in Portuguese and English).
  • AO3: Fan fictions (in English).
  • Freesound: My free sound effects on Freesound.
  • : Hive


  • Blind Cool Tech: Podcasts demonstrating how to use some electronic gadgets without vision. Site in English.


  • Freesound.org: A site that hosts thousands of free sound effects, most of them under a Creative Commons License, and others in the public domain. Site in English.


  • AprendendoJapones.com: Japanese study tips, interesting things about Japan, origami and more. Site in Portuguese.
  • ComoAprenderJapones: Explanation about Japanese grammar and other study tips. Site in Portuguese.
  • Denshi Jisho: English <> Japanese dictionary, based on data from WWWJDIC. It allows searches for words, example sentences and kanji, by English, Japanese characters or romaji. Site in English.


  • Perspicazsite: Blog of a friend of mine, about Unix, programming, Business Intelligence, among other subjects. In Portuguese.

Recommended Stores

  • Play-Asia.com: Anime DVDs, games (JP and US versions), soundtrack CDs and other things. Worldwide shipping. Site in various languages.


  • Hive: A social network and blogging platform with communities similar to Reddit, where users' upvotes (likes) are worth cryptocurrency. The more of Hive's cryptocurrency you have in the form of HIVE Power (HP), the more your upvotes will be worth. In English.
  • Splinterlands: An online trading card game where it's possible to earn cryptocurrency both from normal battles as well as from tournament prizes, and also by selling cards or placing them for rent. In English.
  • Free Crypto Faucets: Learn what are crypto faucet websites and how to use them to earn afew bucks. I'll already say that it's not possible to get rich using faucets (unless the user saves the earnings in a cryptocurrency and its value soars to the heights, similar to what happened to Bitcoin since it began, but that would be hard to happen). Expect only a few bucks, from pennies to a couple of dollars. Check out how much I've earned in one year, collecting crypto around 100 times every day. Even though the earnings are small, they have their uses. They may be traded for the Hive social network's cryptocurrency (it's what I had been doing), or to buy Splinterlands game cards, for example. In English.

Web Development

  • Nikola: The static blog system this site uses now. Very customizable. Site in English.
  • DreamHost.com: This site's previous web host. It has many nice features like support for scripts in PHP, Perl, Python and other languages, Shell access to the server and very good documentation about how to use the services. I don't use this webhost anymore because I don't need all those resources, but to those who need them, I certainly recommend the service. In English.
  • OpenDrive: Free file hosting. 5 GB of space to upload your files, with direct links allowed. Good to put files for download on a site. In various languages.