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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

Posts about Site Updates

Changed the Website's Layout at Last!

9 years later - yes, the blog started in 2011 -, I finally got around to changing the website's layout!(Read the full article)

Status Update 2019/07/21

A lot has already happened in this year of 2019:

The year's first half was particularly hard. My mother got sick, and we went through some tough times. For a few months, I had no time nor inspiration and wasn't in the mood to post anything anywhere, and sadly had to put my violin lessons on hold as well. (Read the full article)

Small Status Update and a Post About Accessibility of Clickable HTML Elements

Just passing by to show I'm still around :P .(Read the full article)

My First Week on Steemit, and My First Impressions

I've never had much patience, nor luck, with social networks.

  • I've tried to use twitter, but nothing came out of it. I didn't have the patience to read others' things and post constantly, and it was cumbersome to rephrase everything I wrote to fit the character limit. In the end, my Twitter was relegated to just informing people about blog and fanfic updates. (Read the full article)

Server Migration and Blog System Change

Even though the blog's visual didn't change much, it's core has changed drastically.(Read the full article)