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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

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Time to Say Goodbye to the Warpstar.net Domain

I was alerted that the "warpstar.net" domain is going to expire if I don't renew the registration until May 13th, 2020. I get these alert messages every year, when it's one month from the domain registration anniversary. A few years ago, I had already canceled the paid webhosting plan that was getting quite expensive to me, and this year, I decided it's time to let the paid domain go. When I registered the domain in 2009 (11 years ago!), I had plans to develop more websites and create other projects under the domain. But this wasn't what happened down the line, and I don't have the time and the disposition to design and manage new websites like back then when I still didn't have a job. I haven't been posting much on this blog, either, and the domain became an extra expense that I could do away with. The USD conversion rates are very high right now (more than 5 Brazilian Reals for an US Dollar), meaning more than 75 BRL just to renew a domain I'm practically not using. It's a money I'd rather use for more important things.

What will happen to the site?

All that being said, this website will still be up, but on a different address: aiyumi.github.io, the free address provided by GitHub Pages, which is where this website is hosted for free (the service has always worked great for what I need!). I've set the domain to redirect to the new address, and everyone who visits the site before the domain expires will be redirected to the new address. After May 13th, 2020, the warpstar.net address won't work anymore.

What will happen to the blog?

It's been more than two years since I've been blogging on Steemit (a social network where the users' "likes" are worth cryptocurrencies. Usually just pennies, but anyway), and haven't been posting much here... except to say that I've posted something there... which I think is counterproductive. It'd be much easier to continue posting to just one place. So, from now on, I'll post articles about the various topics (anime, games, Linux etc.) only to the new blog. The content of the old blog (everything I've posted to this website until now) will remain (there's a lot of content here that I don't want to simply disappear!). I may still use the website to host static pages (pages that have some information but aren't articles, like for example the contact page, or pages with only a list of links), and to inform about updates specific to this website (like this address change for example) which aren't interesting to the new blog's readers.

The new blog will be on Hive (a community-created fork of Steemit, because Steemit is going downhill after it has been bought). The address is: hive.blog/@aiyumi (everything I've published to Steemit is also there). I've been posting there both in Portuguese and English, and think I won't post anything in Japanese, as writing in Japanese is very hard for me and consumes much time.