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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

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Status Update 2019/07/21

A lot has already happened in this year of 2019:

The year's first half was particularly hard. My mother got sick, and we went through some tough times. For a few months, I had no time nor inspiration and wasn't in the mood to post anything anywhere, and sadly had to put my violin lessons on hold as well. I eventually managed to post a summary of the story on Steemit and also tell my fan fictions' readers the reason of my lack of updates (we got touched at how supportive some of the readers were). My mother's treatment is ongoing and will only end at the end of the year. The worst is thankfully over and she's getting better. But it was only last month that things began resembling normalcy, and I fully recovered my mood to get back into the games, posts and fan fictions mood.

On to the more positive news: while my mother was unable to do the household chores, I ended up cooking a lot, and got many tips from my aunt that had come from another city to help us out. My cooking skills have improved significantly. I used the air fryer and the electric pressure cooker many times, and surprisingly without much impact on the electricity bill. Even my mother's birthday cake was made in the electric pressure cooker! At least my cooking resolutions for this year, which I had mentioned in the electric appliances post

May 2019 be a year when many tasty foods come out of my electric pans!

are coming true! Now I'm reducing my carbohydrate intake, and learning some cool recipes too, like these croquettes without flour nor breadcrumbs.

I helped complete the Portuguese translation of the Slint installer.

Speaking of Slint, a Slackware (and Slint) compatible version of the Voxin text to speech software was released, and I can finally read and write in Japanese on the computer again!

I had wanted to change this blog's layout, as the one it uses is there since 2011! I had tought of fiddling with this during my vacation, but the vacation was during the year's difficult moments, and I didn't even touch the layout. It's old, outdated, not modern at all and is not responsive (doesn't adapt to different devices like tablets and smartphones). While some people told me they like the layout and said the text is easy to read, others bashed it and said the text is unreadable and only visually impaired visitors with screen readers would be able to understand what's on the site! (those were commenters from BR-Linux. I wonder whether they were on mobile)

I don't have the disposition and patience to try to design site templates like I had in the beginning, and am thinking of just slapping the blog with Nikola (the blog engine I use)'s default theme, as anything must be better than this old thing! Or if anyone has any suggestion for a good template, preferably lightweight and that doesn't rely too much (or at all) on JavaScript (even if it's a Wordpress theme or something. I'm willing to port it), please tell me.

This was about all I wanted to say. Sorry for the lack of posts in this blog, and if you would like to read more posts from me, you can find more on Steemit.