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Two New Toys in the Kitchen

In my post about ramen, I had talked about some of the obstacles I face in the kitchen, and that cooking isn't my cup of tea. But as evidenced by that post itself, sometimes crazy things happen when I decide to do something different...

My biggest problem is still my insecurity when dealing with the stove. But then, it occurred to me that I had no problem operating the coffee maker and the rice cooker, two electric appliances. So, I decided to research about other kinds of electric pans to see if they could be something for me.

At the end of October, I began looking into electric pans, features, advantages (easy control of cooking times, better preservation of food nutrients, safety mechanisms to avoid accidents, the convenience I'm used to from the rice cooker...), disadvantages (the only disadvantage I found is that using these machines will obviously have an impact on the electricity bills, but I hope we can balance their use so that the impact isn't too bad). I wrote a more detailed post about my findings on Steemit. You may read it here.

In November, I managed to buy an air fryer and an electric pressure cooker on Black Friday, and here we are in December! I'm still learning how to use my two new toys, still relying on sighted help until I get the hang of it, but am confident that soon I'll be able to operate the appliances with no problem.

My first experiments didn't come out perfect, but thankfully all of them were edible (and not just once :P )! So, I believe it's a good start!

I wrote about my mistakes and successes so far (mostly mistakes :P ) as well as other considerations about the pans, and you may read about them in this other post on Steemit. Interestingly, "I'll get this right next time!" became a recurring sentence in my head. And for someone that's not much into cooking, being this motivated to persist and improve can only be a good thing, no matter how I look at it!

Then, to many "next times," and nice amounts of progress next year! May 2019 be a year when many tasty foods come out of my electric pans! XD

PS: the electricity bill for most of November + beginning of December has arrived. It's the one with the results of all my uses of the two pans so far (the four experiments described in the second link's post). Everything normal for now. At least this time, the impact isn't even noticeable, but since I've used the pans just a few times so far, it's still early to celebrate. I'll continue using them carefully and monitoring the bills.