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In the Mood to DASH!

I began revisiting the Rockman DASH (Mega Man Legends) series, watching (read "listening") some playthroughs and cutscenes to refresh my memory (I don't have the games anymore), trying to finally understand the plot. I didn't know enough of either Japanese or English to be able to grasp it at the time I played, which was some 12 years ago. Turns out that I can't fully figure it out even now :P. I have the impression that the second game (the one with the major plot points) felt a bit rushed, some important things are mentioned only in passing and aren't expanded anywhere. After the cancellation of DASH/Legends 3, it's unlikely that we'll be seeing these answers anytime soon. I also noticed differences between the dialogue from the English version and the original Japanese (inconsistencies in the translation/usage of names and terms) which may affect how we view a characters personality, as well as parts of the plot itself.

Aside from that, I still think it's a good plot, albeit a bit confusing and full of unexplored potential. That calls to one thing: fan fiction!

After checking the playthroughs, then reading a few discussions and fan fictions to see how other people interpret the plot, I was inspired to write my own fanfic, intitled "Trigger of Change". And like I did with my Pokemon fic, I began making Japanese anime style audio dramas out of it. This prompted the creation of a new Rockman section on the site, with the page for the audio dramas here.

To conclude this post, I leave you with my VOCALOID cover of "Anata no Kaze ga Fuku Kara", the ending song to the first game. Enjoy!

Download/listen: OGG (OpenDrive) | MP3 (4shared) | Youtube

Aiyumi, DASHing off!