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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

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It may not seem like it, but a lot happened after my last post:

Nintendo 3ds Review

A blind person, plus a 3DS, equals... What?

I don't really know yet. But the point is... I bought a 3DS.

The 3DS with its lid closed

I wasn't interested in any of its games in particular, but as my five years old DS Lite's buttons (mainly the arrow keys and the "A" button) are becoming loose, I was starting to consider doing an upgrade. My plan was to get the new console maybe next year, but I found a cheap 3DS in a store near home. "Cheap" in way of speaking, because here in Brazil, things like games are very expensive. My 3DS cost R$479 (roughly $236.70 USD). No, it's not the 3DS XL, it's the normal 3DS. And this was the cheapest brand new one I could find. The XL was just released here in Brazil, costing around... R$1200 (roughly $590 USD!). In other words, too expensive.

Here is my review of the 3DS: (Read the full article)

Kirby: Revenge of Error Knight

I've never thought that Windows errors could be so interesting.(Read the full article)

Blind Man Beats Ocarina of Time

The legend says that when the kingdom was dominated by the evil being, a young man came traveling through time, defeated the dark forces and saved the kingdom, and since them he was known as the Hero of Time. This legend is right, but they forgot a very important detail: the Hero of Time was blind. (Read the full article)

A Basic Introduction to Game Accessibility

Accessibility is an important subject for people with various kinds of disabilities, but here the focus will be on accessibility of games for the visually impaired. Keep reading and know how a game can be played by those who cannot see. (Read the full article)