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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

Posts for year 2015

Flying with Brahms' Waltz

In violin class last month, I arrived at the fifth track in the Suzuki Violin Method Volume 2. The book only says that it's a waltz composed by Johannes Brahms, but in fact, its whole title is "Waltz Opus 39 Number 15". My homework was to describe what comes to mind when listening to this music. And I was supposed to let my imagination fly (nothing like, "The composer meant this, this and that"). So I let it fly. It flew through the roof, and towards the clouds (more on this below). I've always liked to imagine the songs I listen to as though they were the "background music" or the "soundtrack" for something, so it was an interesting experience. Here's the result (warning: ramblings of someone who has no classical music background whatsoever :P): (Read the full article)

Server Migration and Blog System Change

Even though the blog's visual didn't change much, it's core has changed drastically.(Read the full article)

An Introductory Video to CeVIO

I've already mentioned here on the blog a few voice synthesizer software, like Read the full article)

Rockman DASH - "We are the Three Bonne Brothers" Violin Arrangements

Those who have read my other posts probably noticed that I'm currently obsessed with violins.(Read the full article)