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Rockman DASH - "We are the Three Bonne Brothers" Violin Arrangements

Those who have read my other posts probably noticed that I'm currently obsessed with violins. It turns out that I couldn't resist and, in march of 2015, I began taking lessons to learn to play the real thing!

Three months have passed, and I continue my arrangements of the song "We Are the Three Bonne Brothers" from Rockman DASH/Mega Man Legends. Today I bring a few more versions, this time with violins, both the virtual one and the real one!

These where made for my fan fiction, "Trigger of Change," where the Servbots learn to play the violin. The piano is the same as the "Marimbonnes" version.

First, the virtual one, made with the Embertone Friedlander Violin VST.

Download/listen: bonnes-fvl01.ogg (OpenDrive) | bonnes-fvl01.mp3 (4shared)

And this is my attempt at playing it with a real violin. Warning: beginner level playing (just three months of taking weekly lessons), and the intonation is still quite off. Also, it's my first time trying to record an acoustic instrument (recorded with a Zoom H4n portable recorder).

Download/listen: bonnes-realviolin01.ogg (OpenDrive) | bonnes-realviolin01.mp3 (4shared)

Three violins version: until I arrived at the final result above, I had to record the song over twenty times! I didn't want so many takes to go to waste, so I selected the better three of my recording (mis)takes and glued them together. The result is a trio of clumsy and out of tune Servbots.

Download/listen: bonnes-threeviolins01.ogg (OpenDrive) | bonnes-threeviolins01.mp3 (4shared)

Three violins + Friedlander Violin version: the "trio" above playing along with the virtual one.

Download/listen: bonnes-threeviolins-and-fvl01.ogg (OpenDrive) | bonnes-threeviolins-and-fvl01.mp3 (4shared)