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Bach/Gounod Ave Maria on Violin (F Major)

The "Ave Maria" by Charles Gounod, based on Bach's "Prelude in C Major." This is one of the songs I've been wanting to play since even before I started learning the violin. To my pleasant surprise, it is in Shinozaki Violin Method book 2, although it's in F major instead of C major like the original (the C version is on a more advanced level, and is on book 3 if I'm not mistaken).

When I recorded the violin, I still didn't have the accompaniment ready, so I had to use a metronome click track to try to record at the right tempo. Sadly, I recorded the violin countless times and the result wasn't as good as I'd have liked, but it's the best I could do at the current level. When I arrive at the C major version in the next book, hopefully I can finally make it the way I've always wanted...

The accompaniment MIDI file was created on Linux using a command line program called MMA (Musical Midi Accompaniment). It was typed in C major and transposed to F major (yes, I admit, I cheated:P . At least I'll already have the accompaniment ready when I get to the C major version). Then the audio was rendered with the harp sound from my Motif XF keyboard.

Edit: I only realized this much later... it looks like I mixed up the audio files and ended up not using the audio generated by the Motif XF. This harp sound is actually from the Fluid R3 Soundfont... whoops.

Download/listen to the audio: bg-ave-maria_f01.ogg (OpenDrive) | bg-ave-maria_f01.mp3 (4shared)

Download the accompaniment: MIDI (C major) | MIDI (transposed to F major) | MMA source file (which is actually just a text file)