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Persona 5 Opening - UTAU Cover

I mentioned how I was excited about the release of the game Persona 5. I had been so excited that I began writing fanfictions about it months before the game had even come out in Japan and we had nearly no information about the characters or the setting. On September 15, 2016, the game was released in Japan (I'm writing this on September 15, 2017. So, it was exactly one year ago! :D ). And on April 4, 2017, the western version finally came out (and even had a Japanese audio option as free DLC, like I had wanted).

I usually don't preorder games, but with Persona 5, I couldn't resist. I got it from an online games store from my country. I traded in two old GBA games I had lying around which I had barely touched (they came with the second-hand GBA I had bought at the end of 2008), and the store gave me an additional discount for paying in full (in the end, the total discount amounted to around R$91 BRL, roughly $30 USD). The store shipped the product quickly, and the game was in my hands on release day (April 7th here in Brazil, unlike North America and Europe that got it on April 4th).

I wouldn't say that the game has no flaws, but it was as great and fun as I had expected. I've already beaten it twice (with Japanese audio) and gotten the Platinum trophy in my second playthrough. I'm currently on my third playthrough (trying out the English audio). There are many small details that can easily go unnoticed in the first, or even the second playthrough. Persona 5 continues entertaining me even now, even though it's my third time going through it (and giving me even more fanfic ideas :P ). I'm very satisfied, and glad that it lived up to all the excitement I had since last year. The game is worth every cent, plus the work I went through to trade in the used GBA cartridges :D .

To celebrate platinuming the game, as well as finishing one of my long fanfictions (that I began writing before the games Japanese release last year), I did an UTAU cover of the game's opening song, "Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There." UTAU? Yes, a singing sinthesis software. I've already talked about it here, where I had come to the conclusion that it was unusable without a mouse and I wouldn't be able to use it ever. I was wrong! I suddenly decided to tamper with the program again a few months back, and what was my surprise when I managed to connect a few syllables smoothly! So, I decided to do a cover, and here it is.

The link to the video is below, featuring... the Brasilian version of the game's cover art! (there's stuff written in Portuguese, but the game is in English) ... And a (probably very inaccurate) instrumental made by me, using the accompaniment generator software MMA (Musical MIDI Accompaniment) and my Motif XF keyboard.

Credits and more details are in the video description, here.

To get the audio only:

Download/listen: wake-up_0.1.ogg (OpenDrive) | wake-up_0.1.mp3 (4shared)