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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

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Sounds of Ilha Grande

In November 2011, I went on a trip to Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I took my Zoom H4n portable sound recorder and recorded sounds of nature, sea, birds and other things. I wanted to edit them in Audacity to cut out the unwanted parts (as far as I know, with command line audio editors such as SoX and Ecasound there isn't a practical way to remove several small portions from the middle of the file. The only way of doing this that I know involves calculating sound durations, positions etc., so it really had to be Audacity), but on my old computer, the said program crashed very frequently (strangely, this only happened to it) and I was unable to get anything done. I got a new computer, and now Audacity works perfectly. I Finally managed to tidy the files up, and now I proudly present you... The Sounds of Ilha Grande! They're hosted at Freesound.org, which is a site that has thousands of free sound effects, most of them under a Creative Commons License, and others in the public domain. I have more miscellaneous sounds here in my HD, which I plan to upload there over time, but I'll write here on the blog only if there's something interesting enough to deserve a post, so if you want, follow my Freesound page.