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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

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A Small Status Update

After upgrading Speech-Dispatcher, the Orca screen reader couldn't detect the Japanese voice synthesizer anymore. I thought it was because Orca's version was old, so I upgraded it along with AT-SPI, then Orca stopped working. Until this problem was solved, I stayed on the command line (console). I could do some interesting things in text mode, but unfortunately I couldn't use any screen reader with Japanese. Now, I've just managed to get Orca plus Japanese back, so I am writing this post.

As for the problem that stopped Orca from working... It is said that AT-SPI1 and 2 can coexist peacefully in the same system, but here, their files got mixed for some reason and caused a conflict. I don't use AT-SPI1 for a long time, so I removed it. After compiling and installing the new AT-SPI2, some additional dependencies and Orca, everything seems to be back to normal.

That's it for today. In other articles, I might talk about some of the interesting things that can be done on the console. For now, I'm glad I can use Japanese on the PC again!