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Watch the Persona 5 Anime Online and for Free

The game Persona 5 which I've been talking about so much got an anime adaptation! It's called "Persona 5 the Animation" and began airing in Japan on April 7th, 2018. And just like what happened to the Day Breakers special episode, the streaming site Crunchyroll is simulcasting (streaming the episodes right after they air in Japan), one episode each week, and even with English and Portuguese subtitles! I find it incredible that it's possible to watch an anime that just aired in Japan, and that it has Portuguese subtitles no less, especially considering how Brazil tends to be behind when getting releases of anything (not limited to anime), when it gets the releases at all...

The first P5 episode came out for free right on the day it aired in Japan. As for the second one, which aired today (the 14th), was released only for premium users for now, and the episode page says it'll be available for free on the 21st. Thus, we can conclude that the normal rule (free users must wait one week to get access to the episodes) is still valid.

Here's the link for watching the anime. There's no need to even register at the site. Just open each episode's page and watch... although, if you're watching the anime for free, be prepared to see a lot of ads and commercials. I'm not complaining, though. I'm just glad I can watch it at all, for free, and legally.