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My Pokemon Music Arrangements

Here are my arrangements of Pokemon music. Most of them were made to be used in my Soul Link audio drama. Unless otherwise noted, they were performed and recorded on a Yamaha Motif XF keyboard.

Just a small note of caution: these were mostly played by ear and surely have many mistakes, so don't use them as reference if you're also trying to play by ear or something.

Disclaimer: Pocket Monsters/Pokemon is copyright Nintendo, Gamefreak, and The Pokémon Company. The original Pokemon music is by Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Shota Kageyama, Morikazu Aoki, Hitomi Sato, Minako Adachi and others. This is just a fan work and has no relation to said owners.

Pokemon RSE - Verdanturf Town Piano arrangement

My arrangement of the Verdanturf Town theme from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, and one of the first songs I learned to play. I heard it ingame a lot, running from Mauville to Verdanturf while hatching eggs in Pokemon Emerald :D.

Download/listen: verdanturf-piano_0.1.ogg (OpenDrive) | verdanturf-piano_0.1.mp3 (4shared)

Pokemon BW - Team Plasma's Theme

My arrangement of Team Plasma's theme from Pokemon Black & white.

I intended to give it a creepy feel, although my poor beginner mixing/mastering skills sort of destroyed part of it. Oh well...

I wanted to reflect the impression I had when I listened to this theme on my first Pokemon White playthrough. Just by hearing this music, it's clear that Team Plasma is up to no good.

"Can anyone confidently say that there is no truth in what I am saying?" Ghetsis asks, not expecting an answer.

"Yes, I can." Someone in the crowd responds.

"And who might you be?" Ghetsis turns angrily in the voice's direction.

"Team Plasma's background music."


Something like that... :P

Download/listen: plasma_0.2 (Youtube) | plasma_0.2 (Gobblin)| plasma_0.2.ogg (OpenDrive) | plasma_0.2.mp3 (4shared)

Pokemon BW - Carrying out a Mission

My arrangement of "Carrying Out a Mission" from Pokemon Black & white. This music plays on N's Castle bridge in BW1, also in BW2 during the event when N comes with his dragon to help the protagonist.

I made this because I needed it for my Soul Link audio drama. I wanted a calm version of this, but all of the ones that I found were frantic techno remixes...

Download/listen: mission_0.1.ogg (OpenDrive) | mission_0.1.mp3 (4shared)

Pokemon BW - Ghetsis' Ambitions

My arrangement of "Ghetsis' Ambitions" from Pokemon Black & white.

More Plasma music. I needed this theme for my Soul Link audio drama, but I didn't want to use the official one, and I couldn't find a single fan arrange/remix/remaster/whatever anywhere, so I did this. I'm sure some things are completely wrong, but at least it was done and fulfilled it's purpose, hahahaha.

Download/listen: ambitions_0.1 (Youtube) | ambitions_0.1 (Gobblin) | ambitions_0.1.ogg (OpenDrive) | ambitions_0.1.mp3 (4shared)