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Pokemon Soul Link - Fanfic Audio Drama

Rated T, just to be safe.

These are my attempts to adapt a few interesting scenes from my Pokemon Black and White fan fiction Soul Link (which is in English) to audio drama format, but in Japanese! A few people who like watching anime with Japanese audio might like these... Or not :P. The dialogue is mostly the same as the one from the fan fiction, so for those who understood the scene in the fic, the Japanese drama can probably be understood as well. Due to this, and because there are a few non-canon things going on in this story, make sure to read the fic first!

I wanted to upload these to Youtube as well, but for that, I'd need at least one image to turn each drama file into a video. The problem is that I'm visually impaired and can't create images... If anyone likes these audio dramas and feel like helping, either by drawing something or pointing me to some fanart that may be suitable, please let me know. Requests of new scenes for me to make are welcome, too.

General notes and Credits

Things common to all recordings:

  • Tools used: recording and some batch processing done with SoX, made a few edits in Audacity when needed (mostly to cut/copy/paste portions in the middle of a file, which as far as I know, is hard to do in the command line editors), and mixed with Ecasound. Everything was done in Linux, mostly from the command line.

  • Voices: unless otherwise noted, all voices are by me (Aiyumi).

Sound effects: mostly sounds from Freesound.org.

Chapter 4

Scenes from chapter 4.

Ghetsis' True Plans

This is the part when N talks to Touko after his defeat in the final battle, then Ghetsis appears and reveals his true plans.

My Comments

I thought that talking fast would totally ruin the mood (any mood), so my N doesn't talk fast like he's said to. Instead, he's a bit enthusiastic, somewhat like a happy child.

I could have added some reverb to the voices, since the characters were in the big throne room. I tried, but it had a negative impact on the speech clarity, so I chose to leave it as is.



Sound Effects:

Download/listen: Gobblin | OpenDrive | 4shared

Chapter 10

Scenes from chapter 10.

First Song

A snippet of Reshiram's flashback, when she recalls the moments she spent with her little brother Kyurem. This is the part where she plays the piano for him for the first time.

My Comments

I don't like to do this, but I had to pitch shift Reshiram and Mew a little. That's because thinking ahead, if it comes a time when I need to have Touko, Bel, Reshiram and Mew together, as I'm the only one speaking, the voices would be too similar and surely cause a lot of confusion...



  • My piano version of the Verdanturf Town theme from Pokemon RSE, and my arrangement of "Carrying Out a Mission" from BW (also known as the music from N's Castle Bridge), both of which can be found here.

Sound Effects:

Download/listen: OpenDrive | 4shared