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Accessibility, audio, games, Linux and other things, from a visually impaired person's point of view.

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Trigger of Change - Fanfic Audio Drama

These are my attempts to adapt a few interesting scenes from my Rockman Dash/Mega Man Legends fan fiction Trigger of Change (which is in English) to audio drama format, but in Japanese! A few people who like watching anime with Japanese audio might like these... or not :P. The dialogue is mostly the same as the one from the fan fiction, so for those who understood the scene in the fic, the Japanese drama can probably be understood as well. Due to this, make sure to read the fic first!

I wanted to upload these to Youtube as well, but for that, I'd need at least one image to turn each drama file into a video. The problem is that I'm visually impaired and can't create images... if anyone likes these audio dramas and feel like helping, either by drawing something or pointing me to some fanart that may be suitable, please let me know. Requests of new scenes for me to make are welcome, too. I have no plans on making English versions, but if I get to put these on Youtube, I can see about subtitling these if there's demand.

General notes and Credits

Things common to all recordings:

  • Tools used: recording and some batch processing done with SoX, edited in Audacity, and mixed with Ecasound. Everything was done on Linux.

  • Voices: unless otherwise noted, all voices are by me (Aiyumi).

  • Sound effects: mostly sounds from Freesound.org and Opengameart.org.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Scenes from chapter 1.

Rock's Nightmare

This goes from the fire nightmare, until the talk to Data after waking up.

My Comments

Data came out cuter than I had expected. Pitch shifted a whole tone up...

"What's Juno doing inside the Flutter! ?" Well, that was just an excuse so I could imitate his voice :P . And the excuse continues afterwards when he introduces the BGM and sounds after the end of the drama (but that isn't part of the fan fiction. See English translation below the download links).



  • The BGM playing during the Juno scene is something that I hastily put together on my keyboard. I'm calling it "Juno Nightmare". It has a lot of flaws, but if anyone wants to download it, it's here: juno-nightmare_0.1.ogg.

  • The arrange of the Flutter theme's beginning (used at the start of the Flutter scene) is here: flutter-transition_0.1.ogg.

Sound effects:


"Sound Introduction" English Translation

Juno: Hello all, are you doing well? Third Class Bureucratic Unit Rockman Juno speaking.

Juno: Now, I would like to introduce a BGM and a few of the sounds used in this audio drama.

Juno: Did you enjoy the drama? The last explosion was fascinating, if I say so myself. I will take this opportunity to perform my move here, so please listen to it once more.

Juno: How about this! ? (laser, followed by explosion)

Juno: Hmm, it is wonderful indeed, isn't it?

Juno: now, for the BGM. The music used during the dream was created specially for this audio drama, and is known as "Juno Nightmare". It can be downloaded from this drama's home page.

Juno: Let us end this talk and listen to the music. So, here it comes...

[The music plays, and the file ends.]

Chapter 2

Scenes from chapter 2.

Sera's Flashback - the Master's Orchestra

Sera, Jiji (Geetz), Trigger and the Master watch an old video of an orchestra presentation from the Master's school days.

My Comments
  • Before the video starts playing, in the fic, the monitor shows a loading message. I thought it would be hard to describe that with sound, so I put some static instead. It's easier to associate the static's sound with a TV or some kind of screen turning on.

  • This time, Trigger and the Master are the ones doing the sound introduction after the drama.



Sound effects:


"Sound Introduction" English Translation

Trigger: Hey everyone! How was it? This time, I'll be doing the sound introduction together with the Master!

Master: Trigger-kun, do you remember the song's name?

Trigger: Let's see... it was composed by someone named Vivaldi... it's from 17XX... Spring's 1st movement from the Four Seasons, was it?

Master: Oh, you really remember. Congratulations, Trigger-kun.

Trigger: Did I got it all right? Oh, yes!

Master: A link to it is on the homepage for those interested.

Trigger: It was the first time Ive heard that song, but it looks like it's very famous.

Trigger: Ive heard it was used as background music for a game or something... do you all get what that's about? To tell the truth, I don't really get it myself... (chuckles)

Master (trying to get Trigger's attention): Trigger-kun...

Trigger: Ah, but Sound Introduction is fun! I wish Mistress Sera would come too...

Master: Trigger-kun...

Trigger: I invited her, but she said she's busy and won't come.

Trigger: But I won't give up! I'll bring Mistress Sera here someday. I sure will!

Master: Trigger-kun...!

Trigger: Ah, what?

Master: I would like to play the music...

Trigger: Hm.

Master: Sorry, but I need you to stay quiet for a while, please.

Trigger: Ah, yeah, I forgot about that! Then, everyone, see you again!